The Guild of PRIDE gives a teacher and entertainer who uses recorded music the opportunity to join other leaders dedicated to the promotion and preservation of dancing and music entertainment. PRIDE denotes “Professional Recorded Instrumental Digital Entertainers” who maintain ethical and responsible standards in regards to the music they use.

The Guild of PRIDE’s mission is to proclaim, promote, and practice the most ethical and legal methods of acquiring, maintaining, and protecting one’s ownership in the use of recorded music for teaching and entertaining.

Membership in the Guild is voluntary, by invitation only, and the membership fee is only $15 for three (3) years or $20 for five (5) years. There is a two step process to join the Guild. The first step is to be invited and to simply support the mission as stated above. All Members will receive invitations to extend membership status to their peers, receive a membership card, and be listed on the Guild of PRIDE’s website as a “Responsible Digital Entertainer”.

Upon completion of the first step, members are encouraged to begin the process of thoroughly reviewing all music personally used in teaching and entertaining to be certain that the artist(s) and producer(s) responsible for its creation and distribution have been properly and completely compensated. Permanently maintaining one’s music with this standard qualifies the Member for Elite Status. Each Elite Member will receive a complimentary lapel pin.

The mission of the Guild of PRIDE is supported by the vast majority of dance leader associations. A complete list of supporting organizations is found on the “Links” page. Please note that NONE of these associations have a controlling influence on The Guild of PRIDE, but all members of these associations are encouraged to join.

Talk to a member of the Guild for an invitation to join other leaders in your field of expertise, and set an ethical example for other recorded music entertainers. It’s the right thing to do. 

The Guild of PRIDE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.